At issue: Words and their influence

Posted on Sep 19, 2016 in Apologetics

At issue: Words and their influence

At issue: Words and their influenceThursday, September 15, 2016 | Steve Jordahl (

Oxford English DictionaryThe Oxford English Dictionary added more than 2,000 new words and meanings this week – and one in particular might be disconcerting to those who hold traditional values.

Among the new words are “fuhgeddaboudit,” “transporter” from Star Trek, and “bracketology” – which should make college basketball fans happy around March. Then there’s this one: “gender-fluid” – which is defined as relating to a person having or expressing a fluid or unfixed gender identity.

That raises a red flag for David Barton of Wallbuilders.

“The concept has just become a part of the way we talk, and part of the way we think,” he says. “And therefore people just accept that it happens because we use the words all the time.”

The inclusion certainly has some theological effects. The Bible only allows for two genders. Barton notes God is very careful with the way words are used.

“In Hebrew, the word ‘coincidence’ does not exist – you cannot say that word in Hebrew because it never crossed God’s mind that something might be accidental and not planned,” he says.

He’s right. To this day, the Hebrew language uses two words to explain coincidence: “combination cases.”

Barton says there’s something almost subliminal about the words people use. “When you start using different words and change the meaning of words, it changes the way you think and therefore changes your behavior and often leads you in a wrong direction – as with ‘gender fluidity,’” he explains.

The noted Christian historian adds that the person who gets to define the terms usually wins the war of ideas.

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