How To Study The Bible In Its Original Context

Posted on Aug 6, 2018 in Education

How To Study The Bible In Its Original Context

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Sunday September 2nd at 4:30-6:30 for adults and 7-8:30 for students (14-20).
First class (10 week course) ending week before Thanksgiving.

How to Study the Bible in its Original Context
1.    Is the bible written for us or to us?

2.    What is the word of God and how do we define it?

3.    Is the bible difficult? If not, then why is it so misunderstood? If yes, then how can we change this?

4.    How many books are in the bible and why is it important to know?

5.    What dictionary do we use when interpreting scripture and did the apostles use the same one, or did they have one at all?

6.    Why do we read the word of God and is it actually a command to do so?

7.    What was the ethnicity of the biblical writers and why is that important?
Come and learn the answers to these questions and many more as Paul takes you through a study in how to properly interpret scripture so that it may transform your life. The class will be lecture style mixed with hands-on styles of learning. After all, it is important to learn how to study, but it is essential that you take what you learn and begin to apply the methods of learning while you are in the classroom, thus making it real at that moment and for the rest of your life. 
Thank you,  Paul Sommer

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Class Registration

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