The Twelve Chosen Apostles | Lesson Fifteen

Posted on Aug 26, 2016 in Journey through the Gospels

The Twelve Chosen Apostles | Lesson Fifteen

Join Paul for another teaching in the series- Journey Through the Gospels. I know it is easy to look at a teaching like choosing the apostles and think–i know that teaching. However, let’s ask some poignant questions. 1. What is an apostle and could you be one? 2. Why did he choose 12? 3. What is a disciple and are you one? 4. Can you be saved and not be a disciple? 5. What would the apostles that were chosen thought about following a rabbi in that culture and is it similar for us today? 6. Lastly, what did Yeshua do in Luke 6 before choosing the 12? Come along to find out these answers and more in this teaching. Go to to see more teachings and for Paul’s book.

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