Praying with Purpose

Posted on Jun 15, 2017 in Praying The Will of our Father

Praying with Purpose

There are times in my prayer life in which God seems to has me focus on one or two ideas. Today, 6/14/16, it was about living in His holiness as a holy people, called by His name. We are to separate ourselves from the world but how many of us actually consider this to be our mandate? It seems to me that many believers I meet are content to get by with a shallow or minimalistic relationship with God and they treat the relationship more as Him being a friend as opposed to understanding His great power, glory, and holiness. This reminds me of some scriptures—Ephesians 5 and Psalm 101. I ask that you would read these this week and ask God to reveal the things in your life in which you are not separated from the world, but have justified your actions as not being that big of a deal.

I don’t know how many times in my life when bringing up these truths, people would make comments that we don’t really need to live this way. After all, that is a little over the top or it’s just too much. However, God has called us to live in righteousness and justice in all things, being formed into the image of His Son Yeshua. Why would this be called too much or over the top, when I see scripture defining this as simply walking in obedience. If we understood the holiness of God and how much He loves and does not want us to get hurt by this world, we would realize that much of what has been categorized as “legalism” or “legalistic living” is simply immaturity and/or disobedience.

When is the last time we audited our relationship with God? Definition of audit- an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body; the inspection of business; accountability for actions done by a business or individual.

The signs are everywhere that our Messiah is returning soon and we have an amazing God that has told us the signs to look for and the season He is returning, but not the day or the hour. Does this mean that we only live for Him each year during this season? Of course not. We live for Him every day, but I realize He loves me enough to show me these truths in patterns throughout Scripture.

Are we ready for His return? Is it about the programs we are involved in or what ministry we support or where our money goes to support the work of the kingdom? While all these are important, it begins with our families, however big or small our family may be. This audit also begins with our work, school or other activities we are involved in each day. In other words, it’s easy to live like God when we are surrounded by other believers, but how do we live for Him each day to influence and love those in our paths each day, each month and each year?

May we all not be afraid to live in a discipline of repentance and auditing of our lives. God will reveal the truth to us so we may be His image-bearers like he intended in Genesis 1. If we do not, by human nature, we will resort to what is easiest, most comfortable and ultimately most dysfunctional kingdom living, but referring to it as, “this is how everyone else lives.”

Are we to settle for mediocrity and comparison to others, or are we to humble ourselves before our Creator and seek out His truth and will for our lives?

May the blessings of our God and King be with you this week as you allow God to make this a week you will never forget. Praise be His name.

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