PTC calls out Hollywood for

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PTC calls out Hollywood for

The Parents Television Council is calling out Hollywood for its stance against filtered content, saying it is a hypocritical double-standard.

Disney, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. are suing a company that offers families the technology to block out offensive content, such as profanity.

Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council, is publically supporting company VidAngel while pointing out the hypocrisy of Hollywood.

He recalls that when NBC secured the rights to “Veggie Tales” about a decade ago, the network edited out references to God. More recently, on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” bleeps were added to portray a harsher program even though profanity wasn’t used.

“Here’s an exact opposite position taken by the very same networks that are now suing a company for filtering,” Winter argues. “They can filter when they so choose, but if it’s something that they don’t to choose then they have a conniption and it’s a blatant double-standard.”

Winter accuses the Hollywood studios of interfering with VidAngel’s business and depriving families of a right that was granted them by Congress in the Family Movie Act.

“Despite Congress’s solution,” he says, “the TV networks are now trying to resort to the courts to fight for what they want as opposed to what the Congress has passed, what the president has signed into law, and what has been longstanding law for over a decade.”

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